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As one of the premiere real estate developers and property managers, Trans Corporation has the experience to execute projects of all sizes and virtually unlimited complexity. Attention to detail, efficiency, economical and engineering innovations are among the hallmarks of our projects. The principles and staff of Trans Corp. have over 20 years of experience in construction, real estate finance and construction management. The company possesses a unique talent in design and development goals on or below budget. The firm is committed to provide the highest level of quality in design, construction, and marketing to each project.

Trans Corp. takes a comprehensive approach with each project, providing professional guidance concerning everything from land acquisition, property management to infrastructure improvements, from design and construction management to creating the optimum environment for living and working.

With its vast experience in development and its commitment to community enhancement, Trans Corp. manages complex projects ranging from residential, resort commercial and marine. Focusing on these areas has provided our company, investors and partners with stability and control through project programming, Site selection government approvals, feasibility analysis, consultant coordination and construction management. As the owner, developer or partner Trans Corp protects the investments and ensures that the project proceeds to its specifications from start to finish.

Trans Corp. strives to provide the optimum value in functionality, location and cost. We ensure that newly constructed projects meet businesses needs while improving effectiveness for all parties involved. Trans Corp. is achieving to become visionaries, looking beyond today’s world to determine what buildings and construction methods will be needed and where.

“Trans Corp. seeks out opportunity and drives it to reality”.